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CODE 8: Josh Cowls about the Challenges of Big Data

Using Big Data involves new challenges for scholars working on their projects. On a larger scale, there can be found at least three levels of provocations: epistemological, methodological and political.
Datum: 1. April 2015 11:39 | Dauer: 0:25:34

CODE 7: Paige Morgan about Visible Prices

Prices without contexts are just numbers – they are meaningless. The price proportion between different goods changed over time and space constantly. So, what would 3 shillings buy in 1834?
Datum: 31. März 2015 11:52 | Dauer: 0:29:40

CODE 6: Andrew Prescott about Big Data in the Arts and Humanities

Big Data is challenging the humanities in terms of theories and methods. It is not just a question of quantification and data driven analysis, as the aim of Big Data techniques is predictive. But what is Big Data? And is there a »Big Data moment«?
Datum: 30. März 2015 9:30 | Dauer: 0:36:40
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